Ravensworth Beef

For generations Australian
families have chosen Ravensworth Beef.


150 Day Black Angus

Our 150 Day Grain Fed Black Angus cattle are sourced from Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Ravensworth Black Angus cattle are fed a high energy grain based diet for a minimum of 150 days to ensure a premium quality product for high end restaurants worldwide.

The Ravensworth 150 Day Angus brand has a high level of marbling and unparalleled consistency to provide an eating experience to savour.


100 Day Grain Fed

The Ravensworth 100 Day Grain fed brand is derived from specifically selected cattle breeds such as Shorthorn, Hereford and other british type cattle sourced from Victoria and New South Wales

Our 100 Day Grain fed beef has a consistent texture, flavour and size profile. This provides our customers with a great value for money eating experience that is accessible all year round.